B2B website promotion

  • The top historical and large scale Taiwan B2B website.
  • Enjoy e-Web service such as post products, sent inquiry and quotation, Match Center, Inspection mechanism, buyer’s IP location, Catalog Creator.
  • Get 11 languages promotion on Multi-language website by posting product information once.

Choose official website or online store by myself

  • Get company website. For example: www.your domain name.com
  • Get five company e-mail addresses. For example: name@your domain name.com
  • Create company website with various modules, dragged modules to design website, and set up SEO automatically.

Choose the website type (official website / online store) by myself

    What is the official website?

  • It is the company website publishes company information to improve corporate images and exposures more effectively.
  • It is suit for B2B internet marketing way to promote products.
  • Inquiry system makes buyers contact to suppliers more convenient.
  • Customized website templates to create unique official website.
  • Three language websites of traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English to promote your products to global market.

    What is online store?

  • The company's proprietary product sales website exposure and online trading.
  • It is suit for B2C online store way to sell goods online.
  • Shopping cart is a convenient service for buyers to purchase goods on the online store.
  • Online store offers various payment options like as credit cards, Third-Party Payment systems that make online payment more safety.
  • Order management to manage orders information quickly.


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