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Mr. Ding Luo

Address: 10 Gopeng Street, Icon #15-03, Singapore

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Xinjitai Pte Ltd was set up in Singapore in 2013, to expand South-East Asian market for Shenzhen Xinjitai Sprayer & Pump Co., Ltd... XINJITAI PTE. LTD. (XJT) is a global supplier of plastic mist sprayers and bottles applicable in packaging pharmaceutical, food, personal care, and cosmetic products. XJT products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the range of North America, Europe, southeast Asia, etc. Founded in 1996, the headquarter in China is a nationwide leading company manufacturing pharmaceutical mist sprayers under the approval by China food and drug administration (CFDA). XJT claims a 30% market share in supplying plast... [Click for detail]

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Xinjitai Pte. Ltd.
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    Mr. Ding Luo

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