Zhejiang Cereals I/E Corp. Jiaxing Co.

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Address: 1, Waimao Lane, Chengdong Rd.

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Jiaxing city located on the Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou plain of Changjiang delta, being close to Shanghai in the east, Hangzhou in the west, with Hangzhou bay in front and Suzhou behind, enjoying accessible transportation, with mild climate, abundant products and prosperous economy, is well-known as 'home of rice & fish, of silk'. It is the golden area of Shanghai economic developing zone, Zhejiang cereals, oils & foodstuffs I/E Corporation. Jiaxing company is a state owned foreign trade company under the province, with a fixed assets of more than RMB9,000,000, 5,000 tons of cold storage, 2,700 square meters of workshop for processing. Moreover,... [Click for detail]

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Zhejiang Cereals I/E Corp. Jiaxing Co.
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