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. Mr. Paul Yeh

Address: 65, Lane 667, Chung Shan Rd.

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We are a specialist manufacturer of all kinds of metallized film capacitors, our products to obtain UL, CASA, VDE, IMQ, SEV, DEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO and SEMKO safety approved, and certified by ISO 9001 quality assured film. 1983 Company established at Feng Yuan, Taichung, Taiwan. Capital: USD240,000. Production of metallized film capacitor. 1984 Capital increased to USD 309,000 1989 Removed the factory to a new building located at Shen Kung, Taichung, Taiwan. Capital increased to USD600,000 1990 Started mass production of motor start capacitor. Established a branch office of our business at the Chicage U.S.A. 1992 Was recognized by underwriters l... [Click for detail]

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Aid Electronics Corp.
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    . Mr. Paul Yeh

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