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FS1015CL Gas Flow Sensor

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2018/11/09 15:33:00

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2019/02/07 23:59:59

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Flow Sensors

Company Info

Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


FS1015CL Gas Flow Sensors Description
FS1015CL mass flow sensors are specially designed for medical equipment flow monitor and control applications, and are made with world leading proprietary MEMS mass flow designed channel with a low pressure loss. The current models can be readily applied to ventilators and anesthesia equipments.  These sensors can also be sterilized in medical liquids for reuse or hygienic purposes.

FS1015 Series can measure a flow up to 150 SLPM. ISO-15mm connection model is readily applicable to ventilators and/or anesthesia equipments.

FS1015CL Gas Flow Sensors Features and Applications
- MEMS thermal mass flow sensor
- Excellent rangeability with integrated multiple sensing elements
- High stability at null and full scale
- Fast response
- Low power consumption
- Low pressure loss


FS1015CL Gas Flow Sensors Performance Specifications
All data unless otherwise noted apply for calibration conditions: air, 20 °C, 101.325 kPa absolute pressure, horizontal mounting.

Model FS1015 Unit
Flow Range 0 ~ 100; 0 ~ 150 SLPM
Turn-down Ratio > 100 : 1  
Accuracy ± (2.0 + 0.5 FS) %
Repeatability ± 0.5 %Reading
Null Shift ± 30 mV
Output Shift ± 0.12 %/°C
Response Time 8 (max.) ms
Output Linear, Analog 0.5 ~ 4.5 Vdc  
Max. Pressure Drop 1300 Typ. Pa
Max. Operation Pressure 0.2 MPa
Power Supply 5 ± 1% Vdc
Operating Current < 10 (no output load) mA
Power Consumption < 50 mW
Analog Output Load Sourcing: 25 mA
Sinking: 15
Working Temperature -10 ~ +55 °C


FS1015CL Gas Flow Sensors Product Selection