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Floor Cabinet-Medium 1

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2021/06/14 00:00:00

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2021/09/11 23:59:59

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Stamping Processing Products

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Gu-Dong Metalworks Corporation
Contact Person: Y. L. Tsai
Job Title: General Manager
Tel: 886-4-262***
Fax: 886-4-262***
Address: No. 564-12, Zhongshan Road, Qingshui District, Taichung City
Country/Region: Taiwan
Zip/Post Code: 436


Name: Floor Cabinet-Medium
color: grey
Specifications: 880x320x440mm
Material: Iron
Keywords: floor cabinet, cabinet, floor storage cabinet, drawer, floor drawer.
Description: A type of drawer cabinet, which is floor-type and can be stored. It can be opened by a pull-out door. There are adjusting feet at the bottom to adjust the height. There are movable wheels at the bottom of the drawer door to prevent the floor from being pulled open. About 25 kg, can also be used as a chair, can be used on the display stand, can be customized, if you need, please contact us
All kinds of store aluminum display stand and display table design and manufacturing, all kinds of metal processing,
Metal stamping parts, punching and manufacturing, hardware parts manufacturing,
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