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Tea Drinking Machine Research And Development Service

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2021/02/10 12:36:19

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2021/05/11 23:59:59

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Business Service

Company Info

Powerkeep Product Design Company
Contact Person: Heping zhan
Address: No. 26, Industrial avenue, Tanzhou town
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)


This tea drinking machine could be placed at home or in any public place, specially designed for tea culture lovers, so that they can drink hot tea at any time. After a coin is put into the slot or the mobile phone scans the code, the automatic door will move up and open, and a cup of hot tea will automatically move out of the door.
There are three sources of water for this tea maker: from above, it can be connected to a pure water bucket, just like a water dispenser in your home; or you can connect tap water to a water pipe on the tea machine, the machine contains the tap water filter which is the same as the automatic drinking machine like some home, or put the pure water bucket into the machine and use the water pump inside the machine to draw when need. Water will be pumped into a semiconductor heated water tank, the semiconductor heating efficiency is high, and the electric heat conversion rate is higher than 95%, which is very energy-saving; the semiconductor heating is also very safe, and the heating temperature can be controlled under 270 ℃, no flame will be generated, which can effectively prevent fire.
There are 10 tea cup pipes in the tea machine  each cup contains a small bag of tea. There is an automatic cup drop device under each cup pipe. The cup dropping device automatically puts down a cup with tea every time, and teh cup will be moved to the outlet of the hot water tank. There is an electric water valve above the water outlet and a water quantity sensor above the water valve. Each time a certain amount of boiling water flows out, the water valve automatically closes. Finally, the water cup is moved behind the automatic door by the manipulator.

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