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O2S-FR-T5 Flange Mounted Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

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2019/01/03 17:21:54

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2019/04/03 23:59:59

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Gas Sensors

Company Info

Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


O2S-FR-T5 Flange Mounted Zirconia Oxygen Sensor FEATURES

•  Oxygen pressure range 2 mbar - 3bar
•  Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2 ) sensing elements
•  Non-consumption technology
•  Integral heating element
•  No need for temperature stabilisation
•  No reference gas required
•  High accuracy
•  Linear output signal
•  Operates with external interface boards


O2S-FR-T5 Flange Mounted Zirconia Oxygen Sensor SPECIFICATIONS

Heater Voltage
    Porous Cap (15mm)
    Stand by

4.35V DC ± 0.1V DC (1.85A)
2V DC  (0.85A)
Pump resistance @ 700°C < 6kΩ
Permissible gas temperature -100 to 250°C
Gas flow rate 0 to 10 m/s
Repetitive permissible acceleration 5 g
Incidental permissible acceleration 30 g



1: Pump (Red)
2: Common (Black)
3: Heater (Yellow)
4: Sense (Blue)
5: Heater (Yellow)




O2S-FR-T5 Flange Mounted Zirconia Oxygen Sensor PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTIC

Characteristics Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Oxygen pressure range 2   3000 mbar
Accuracy     5 mbar
Internal operating temperature   700 (4.35V DC )   °C
Response time (10-90% step)     4 s
Warm up time (prior to sensor operation)     100 s
Warm up time (from stand by)     20 s
Output stabilisation time   ~180   s

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