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Vertex Balls And Rods Set (Construction Rods)

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2019/01/14 17:42:06

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2019/04/14 23:59:59

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Company Info

Sara Chen International Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: SARA CHEN
Job Title: Business Liaison
Address: New Taipei,Taiwan
State/Province: TAIPEI
Country/Region: Taiwan


S-6522 VERTEX BALLS AND RODS SET (Construction rods)

Each set included: Vertex balls 80 pcs and 6 different
length rods 250 pcs, total 330 pcs per set/color box.

* 6 colors assorted.

* This rods set was designed to develop the concepts such
as Symmetry, Space, Shapes and Construction.

* Will help children to see the difference between Pyramid
and Prism in point, line and side.

* The linking rods constitute sides of a figure and the
vertex balls constitute end points of the figure. Numerous
different plane and solid geometric figures can be created
from connected vertex balls and linking rods.

* The linking rods may be used as counting bars when
teaching children to learn and read figures and to count.

The linking rods may be used with other small articles to
help children learn more things about figures and counting.

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