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Triangle Puzzle (24 Pcs)

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2018/11/08 17:55:47

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2019/02/06 23:59:59

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Jigsaw Puzzles

Company Info

Sara Chen International Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: SARA CHEN
Job Title: Business Liaison
Address: New Taipei,Taiwan
State/Province: TAIPEI
Country/Region: Taiwan



* Each set included: 23 triangle puzzle blocks and one
reversible based board.

* 5 Colors blocks assorted.

* With reversible based board: can operate on both sides.
(new design)

* Ingeniously cuts the pyramid to use in three spatial.

* May create more than 5,000 types of patterns !

* Almighty intelligent teaching aid.

* 12 basic assembling ways: Pyramid, inverse-pyramid,
lateral-symmetrical stack, vertical stack of different
blocks, linear stack of similar block, asymmetrical single-contact
stack, symmetrical single-contact stack, sideward support
stack, side-frame stack, small mortise, big mortise, twined
big mortise.

* Connect them together with a lot of fun, kids love them
very much !

* Very good to develop spatial awareness, learn to solve
problems and with creativity.

* Good idea for basic mathematic operations, connect them
in sequence to develop counting, sorting, graphing,
patterning and measuring.

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