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High Output HPS Bulb

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2018/12/17 09:35:37

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2019/03/17 23:59:59

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High-pressure Sodium Bulbs & Tubes

Company Info

Green Hydroponic Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Gengxi
Job Title: Sales Manager
Address: Shanghai, Shanghai, China (mainland)
State/Province: SHANGHAI
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 200030


HPS grow bulb, grow lamp, HPS lamp
50W / 70W / 150W / 250W / 400W / 600W / 1000W
HPS grow bulb, grow lamp, HPS lamp 50W / 70W / 150W / 250W
/ 400W / 600W / 1000W
For Commercial applications:
Sinowell high-pressure sodium lamps were developed
primarily for their energy efficiency. Mercury and sodium
vapors in the ceramic arc tube produce a yellow/orange
light with extremely high LPW performance and exceptionally
long service life (up to 40, 000 hours). High-pressure
sodium lamps render colors poorly, which tends to limit
their use to outdoor and industrial applications where high
efficacy and long life are priorities.
For Hydroponics:
These lamps are red/orange in the spectrum. They are the
best lamps available for secondary or supplementary
lighting (used in conjunction with natural sunlight or
metal halide lighting). This type of light promotes
flowering, budding, and fruiting in plants. It is ideal for
Greenhouses growing applications.

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