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Trailer Hydraulic/Mechanical Disc Brake Rotor Manufdacturer

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2021/10/13 16:45:27

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2022/01/11 23:59:59

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Brake Discs

Company Info

Tangshan Yingtu Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Evan
Job Title: Sales Manager
Address: Room 3-2301, Xintiandi Huijin Center
State/Province: HEBEI
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 063000


Trailer Brake Disc 10” Mechanical Disc Rotor
Mechanical Disc Hubs 12” Hydraulic Disc Hub
Boat Trailer Disc Brake Rotor Trailer Brake Rotors
Hydraulic Disc Rotors 13” -16” Wheel
Trailer Disc Rotors 1000 kg – 2000 kg Axles
We can provide disc brake hub/rotor drilled to suit the major popular wheel drilling patterns and can manufacture these trailer disc brake rotors according to the customers’ requests.
The table below shows the popular brake discs, hubs and rotors. Trailer Disc Rotors have many types, such as undrilled, drilled, studded and with full bearing kits. These are available in galvanized and dacromet finish as well as the traditional raw cast finish. All the specifications of our mechanical/hydraulic disc hub and rotors are same as AL-KO. It’s very important to ascertain the wheel bearing type, wheel drilling pattern and the excepted total load when you choose the suitable hub/rotors. A full kit completes with bearings, marine seal, dust cap, plated studs & nuts.
l  Contaminants can't get in between rotor and hub.
l  Cast iron and stainless-steel construction ensures a favorable friction.
l  Galvanized and dacromet coated can prevent the corrosion of seawater.
l  To suit AL-KO mechanical or hydraulic calipers. It can exchange with AL-KO rotor/hub.

Material Finish
Gray Iron Plain Galvanized Dacromet
Cast Iron Plain Galvanized Dacromet
Stainless Steel Plain - -
Diameter Bearing Type Drilling Pattern Max. Capacity Wheels
New Zealand Australia
15 mm x 260 dia LM Ford
5 x 4.5” PCD
1500 kg 1000 kg 13”-14”
Slimline (SL) 1750 kg 1450 kg
LM / Slimline Commodore
5 x 120 mm PCD
- 1450 kg
LM HQ Holden
5 x 4.75” PCD
- 1000 kg
Slimline   1450 kg
LM HT Holden
5 x 4.25” PCD
- 1000 kg
Slimline - 1450 kg
LM 600 x 9”
5 x 4.25” PCD
- 1000 kg
15 mm x 299 dia Slimline (SL) 6 Stud Land Cruiser
6 x 139.7 mm (6 x 5.5”)
1750 kg 1200 kg 15”-16”
Parallel - 1600 kg
1.5T/2T/2.5T 2000 kg 2000 kg

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