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All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge SUS

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2021/06/30 14:47:26

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2021/09/28 23:59:59

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Pressure Gauges

Company Info

Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Alison Lai
Job Title: Export Specialist
Address: 1F, No. 109, Sec. 2, Zhiyuan 1St Rd., Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
Country/Region: Taiwan
Zip/Post Code: 112


All Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge

SUS pressure gauge has various size and installation type for selection. It applicable to measure slight corrosive media that compatible with stainless steel.Particularly used in chemical,petrochemical,food industry,biochemistry and any rush industries.

■ OEM Service
■ All stainless steel design
■ Multiple choices of size and thread gauge, suitable for various installation environment
■ Filled with liquid to improve vibration-proof performance and service life(option)
■ Install blow out disk or use safety glass to ensure safety operation

Main Specifications
▼Installation type
Bottom mount (A)/
Bottom mount with back flange(B)/
Back mount (Centric thread) (ADC)/
Back mount (Eccentric thread) (ADE)/
Back mount with front flange (Centric thread) (BDC)/
Back mount with front flange (Eccentric thread) (BDE)/
Back mount with U-Clamp (Centric thread) (UDC)/
Back mount with U-Clamp (Eccentric thread) (UDE)/
Back mount with front flange and U-Clamp (Centric thread) (UBDC)/
Back mount with front flange and U-Clamp (Eccentric thread) (UBDE)
Option:Safety glass
▼Pressure connection
Thread size:1/8”,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”
Thread type:BSPT,NPT,PF
▼Pressure range
Gauge pressure▼
0…0.6 to 1000 bar
(> 1000bar is available madeto-order)
Negative pressure▼
Compound pressure▼
-1…0 to 20bar
▼Applicable fluid
Liquid and gas that compatible with stainless steel
▼Ambient temperature
Dry:-20 to +60℃
Glycerin-filled:+10 to +60℃
Silicone oil-filled:-45 to +60℃
▼Media temperature
Glycerin filled:+100℃
Silicon oil filled:+100℃
forΦ2½” ~ 10”>
Silicone oil
Oil-free treatment

Other Specifications
Stainless steel
▼Ring mount
For more details please check
Size-Ring table
Aluminum with black enamel
▼Dial face
Blue and black scale
Other pressure unit,scale & color available upon request
▼Measuring elements
Bourdon tube
▼Protection design (option)
Blow out disk
Stainless steel
±2% F.S. for Φ1½” & 2”
±1.5% F.S. for Φ2” ~ 3”
±1% F.S. for Φ3” ~ 10”
▼Operating pressure
Stabilization 3/4* full scale
Fluctuation 2/3* full scale
Impulse 1* full scale
▼Other requests
Third party notarized
Inspection report
Customized dial face (scale,color,unit,etc.)
Install a diaphragm
Dampened movement
Window – Safety glass (Only
available for size>4”)
Peak hold pointer
Case material: SS316
External indicator (Red, green,
Adjustable pointer (Only
available for size>4”)
Blow out disk

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