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EOPD-150-0-2.5 Wide Bandwidth And High Sensitivity UV Photodiode

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2018/11/26 16:34:57

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2019/02/24 23:59:59

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Company Info

Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067



Radiation Type Technology Case
VUV - visible Schottky contact GaP TO-39


EOPD-150-0-2.5 UV Photodiode Description:

Wide bandwidth and high sensitivity from VUV up to the visible spectrum (150 nm - 550 nm), mounted in hermetically sealed TO-39 package with sapphire window


EOPD-150-0-2.5 UV Photodiode Application:

Medical engineering (dermatology), output check of UV - lamps and oil or gas burner flame, measurement and control of ecological parameters, radiation control for a solarium, UV water purification facilities


EOPD-150-0-2.5 UV Photodiode Maximum Ratings

Tamb= 25°C, unless otherwise specified

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Active area A 4.8 mm2
Temperature coefficient of dark current TC(ID) 7 %/K
Operating temperature range Tamb -40 to +125
Storage temperature range Tstg -40 to +125
Acceptance angle at 50% Sλ φ  120 deg.


EOPD-150-0-2.5 UV Photodiode Optical and Electrical Characteristics

Tamb = 25°C, unless otherwise specified

Parameter  Test conditions  Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Breakdown voltage IR=10µA VR 5     V
Dark current VR=5V ID   15 40 pA
Peak sensitivity wavelength VR=0V λp   440   nm
Responsivity at λP VR=0V Sλ 0.1 0.13   A/W
Sensitivity range at 1% of Sλ VR=0V λmin , λmax 150   550 nm
Spectral bandwidth at 50%  VR=0V ∆λ0.5   180   nm
Shunt resistance  VR=10mV RSH 80 100   GΩ
Noise equivalent power  λ=440nm NEP   1.3 x 10-14   W/√Hz
Specific detectivity λ=440nm D*   1.7 x 1013   cm ∙ √Hz ∙ W-1
Junction capacitance VR =0V CJ   1000   pF
Photocurrent at λ = 254 nm VR =0V Iph   2.5   µA
Ee =1 mW/cm²

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