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Agri mineral water

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2021/04/22 10:42:49

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2021/07/21 23:59:59

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Maeda Industrial Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Kazushige Tsukada
Job Title: Section Chief
Address: 5-2-2, Uehonmachi-Nishi, Chuoku
City: Osaka
State/Province: Osaka
Country/Region: Japan
Zip/Post Code: 542-0062


Agri mineral water is kind of water solution,that is wxtracted by combining several types of rocks.
It's effective in improviding the soil or quarity of agricultural products.

Chemical Name : Water Containing silicate & sulfate minerals
Content : Water 99% or more
Trace Mineral : Ca/Mg/K/Na/Fe/Mn/Zn/Ti/Al/S
Type of product & Applications :
(1) Type A : Adjustment of soil / Control of flora
(2) Type B : Growth promotion of root vegetables
(3) Type C : Growth promotion of leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables and fruit tree
(4) Type D : Control of flower bud
(5) Type E : Improvement of sugar content and acidity
Usage : Dilute the stock solution 1000 times or more and spray it on the soil

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