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PDSM010 Particle Sensor Module

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2019/01/10 17:23:58

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2019/04/10 23:59:59

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Gas Sensors

Company Info

Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


PDSM010 Particle Sensor Module Product Summary
PDSM010 detects approx. 1μm particle such as house dust, pollen, germs, dust mites and cigarette gas and measures the concentration of floating particles in a room space up to maximum 30m3.

This sensor is an ideal product for automatic room air monitoring system such as an air purifier. 

PDSM010's signal is converted to PWM output by internal circuit and MCU program. Also, the sensor's filter circuit and MCU program can remove a noise in order to operate more stably when a noise is in-flowed in the signal. 

PDSM010 has advantages of both stable detecting  ability  and  high  manufacturing efficiency.

The sensor does not have an additional control point (VR Trimmer) on the device unlike its previous model (DSM). It prevents potential malfunction often occurred by user's arbitrary modification.

PDSM010 Particle Sensor Module Features
• Customized sensitivity for efficient control in application
• Detects approx. 1μm particle
• MCU Control (Factory Calibration)
• Easy maintenance
• PWM Output (Low Logic Pulse Active)
• Noise Protection

PDSM010 Particle Sensor Module Applications
• Air cleaners, Air conditioners
• Ventilation System, Fan Control 
• IAQ Monitoring & Control
• IoT Device

PDSM010 Particle Sensor Module Product Specification

Parameter Symbol Rating Unit
Supply Voltage VCC 5V ± 10% V
Supply Current (@ 5V) ICC < 85 mA
Storage Temperature Range Tstg -20 ~ 80 °C
Operating Temperature Range Ta -10 ~ 65 °C
Operating Humidity Range
(Without dew condensation)
RH < 95 %RH
Particle Detection Range Detectable Particle Size : > 0.85μm
Count : 8,000 pcs / 283㎖,
Concentration : 300μg/m3
Accuracy Tolerance Within ±30% : > 1,000 pcs / 283㎖(Cigarette gas)
Output Signal PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) - Low Logic Pulse Active Output
Weight 22.5g
Size (W) 59mm x (H) 45mm x (D) 17mm

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