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MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor

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2018/12/14 16:31:08

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2019/03/14 23:59:59

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Pressure Sensors

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Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Description
The MS1451 is a piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor packaged in a surface mount configuration. It is intended for high volume applications where small size, light weight, low cost, and compatibility with automated assembly equipment are required. 

The pressure sensor is available with a gage or absolute pressure sensing chip that is attached to a surface mountable ceramic substrate. A cap is attached to the ceramic substrate, protecting the chip and providing the pressure port. 

The devices are shipped in plastic anti-static shipping tubes for use with automated production equipment. Caps are also available with a narrow hole or a large hole to interface with the pressure media.


MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Features
• PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor 
• 0-60 mV Output 
• Gage and Absolute Pressure 
• Low Cost 
• Surface Mount Package 
• ±0.25% Pressure Non-linearity 
• 3 Pressure Port Options 
• Solid State Reliability 
• Low Power


MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Applications
• Altitude Measurement
• Barometric Pressure
• Medical Instrumentation
• Consumer Appliances
• Tire Pressure

MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Standard Ranges

Range psia psig
0 to 5   W, N, T
0 to 15 W, N, T W, N, T
0 to 30 W, N, T W, N, T
0 to 50 W, N, T  W, N, T
0 to 100 W, N, T W, N, T
0 to 250 W, N  
0 to 500 W, N  
Port Options:
W = Wide Hole (Gel Fill option available), N = Narrow Hole, T = Tube



MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Performance Specifications
Supply Voltage: 3 Vdc
Ambient Temperature: 25°C (unless otherwise specified) 


Parameters Min Typ Max Units Notes
Span 30 60 120 mV 1
Zero Pressure Output -25   25 mV  
Pressure Non Linearity -0.25   0.25 %Span 2
Pressure Hysteresis -0.1   0.1 %Span  
Input & Output Resistance 3500 5000 6000  
Temperature Coefficient - Span   -0.13   %/°C  3
Temperature Coefficient - Zero   0.05   %/°C  3
Temperature Coefficient - Resistance   0.15   %/°C  3
Thermal Hysteresis - Zero -0.2   0.2 %Span  3
Supply Voltage   3.0 12.0 V  
Response Time (10% to 90%)   1.0   ms 4
Output Noise (10Hz to 1kHz)   1.0   µV p-p  
Long Term Stability (Offset & Span)   0.5   %Span 5
Pressure Overload     3X Rated 6
Operating Temperature -40   +125 °C  
Storage Temperature -50   +150 °C  
Weight     0.3 grams  
Soldering Temperature 250°C Max 5 Sec.       7
Media Non-Corrosive Dry Gases Compatible with Silicon, Pyrex, RTV, Gold,
LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), and Aluminum
1. Ratiometric to supply voltage.
2. Best fit straight line.
3. Over the temperature range 0-50°C with respect to 25°C.
4. For a zero-to-full scale pressure step change.
5. Long term stability over a one year period with constant voltage and temperature.
6. For sensors above 100 psi, the entire sensor is required to be inside the pressure chamber.
7. For mounting instructions, please refer to the application note "Mounting Instructions for SMT Pressure Sensors."


MS1451 PC Board Mountable Pressure Sensor Ordering Information

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