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GDS-DEFENDER Flammable / Toxic / Oxygen / Refrigerant Gas Alarm

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2018/11/14 15:40:12

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2019/02/12 23:59:59

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Alarms & Sensors/n.e.s.

Company Info

Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


GDS-DEFENDER Flammable / Toxic / Oxygen / Refrigerant Gas Alarm Description
The GDS Defender gas leak detection system features remote sensors connected to the main control unit via a 3 core cable network. The control unit is an advanced design using the latest technology and provides a high integrity system whilst offering a significant cost saving over conventional gas alarm systems.

Standard sensors for use in commercial and light industrial applications, such as laboratories, workshops, boiler plant rooms, etc, are available for monitoring toxic, flammable, oxygen or refrigerant gases. Each gas sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere for any hazardous conditions. On detection of gas the sensor will indicate the gas level status A1, A2, A3 by LED indication and sounder. Information received by the control panel from the sensor is then displayed, indicating the zone, gas type and alarm status. Alarm levels that are exceeded are then able to activate user selectable relays and appropriate control actions.

Sensors may be used as stand alone devices when powered from a single sensor 24v DC supply (plug in jack) or the AC mains version sensors.

GDS-DEFENDER Flammable / Toxic / Oxygen / Refrigerant Gas Alarm Features
• 3 core sensor cable network
• Sensors pre-set and tested
• Toxic/Flammable/Oxygen/Refrigerant sensor combination
• 1-16 sensors – 4 zones up to 64 sensors (16 per zone) with additional power pack
• User definable screen text
• Three alarm levels (timed ON/OFF option)
• Individual sensors with audible visual alarms + relay - optional stand alone
• Connect directly to the GDS Combi CANbus system
• Designed for ease of installation
• System easily extended
• Off the shelf system
• Interface sensor for any 4~20mA/switch device - option

GDS-DEFENDER Flammable / Toxic / Oxygen / Refrigerant Gas Alarm Specifications

Control Unit
Power Supply 115/230vAC or/and 24vDC ± 15%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Consumption 3 watts
Detector Head 1 to 16 standard - 1 to 64 (4 zones, 16 per zone) with additional power supply
Indicators Alarm:  Red LED / sounder
           Display text A1, A2, A3
Fault:    Amber LED / sounder
           Display text Flt (Fault)
Display: As above + 4 line user text
Sounder Internal 85dB @ 30cm 
Open collector driver output - 100mA @24v DC (follows internal sounder operation)
Sensor Cable 3 core 1 mm2
Cable length - 200m max x4
Alarm Relays Four selectable relays S.P.C.O 3A @ 230vAC
N/E - N/D latched/unlatched
Each zone A1/A2/A3 or A2/A3 only or
Global (all zones)
Relay 1 - A1
Relay 2 - A2
Relay 3 - A3
Relay 4 - Fault
Additional relay options
Relay Inhibit: Front panel access
Ambient Temp: Operation: -5 to +50°C
Storage: +5 to +55°C
Protection IP65
Weight 920 gms
Dimensions  L 200mm x H 150mm x D 80mm
Not for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (zoned areas)
Sensor Type FLAMMABLE - catalytic, Toxic, Oxygen - electrochemical
REFRIGERANT - semiconductor, CO2 - infrared
Power Supply 18 to 30v DC optional 90~260vAC mains
Consumptio 1.2 W
Alarm Relay 1 SPCO 3A @ 230vAC Global A1/A2/A3
A2/A3 only option latched/unlatched - selectable N/E - N/D
Indicators Power (Green LED)
Gas alarm - Green LED to Red
A1 - slow flash
A2 - rapid flash
A3 - constant
Fault - Amber
Sounder 85dB @ 10cm
Ambient Temp Operation: -5 to +50°C Storage: +5 to +55°C
Protection Standard Sensor - IP42
Weatherproof - IP64
Dimensions Standard L 83mm x H 83mm x D 36mm
Weatherproof L 145mm x H 145mm x D 60mm
Options Duct sensor probe - L27mm x 28mm diameter

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