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Number Sticks Set (Fraction Bars Set), 250 Pcs

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2018/12/06 18:20:44

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2019/03/06 23:59:59

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Math Toys

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Sara Chen International Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: SARA CHEN
Job Title: Business Liaison
Address: New Taipei,Taiwan
State/Province: TAIPEI
Country/Region: Taiwan


Patent No.: US 6,739,875 B1

* 1-10cm assorted (= 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 7g, 8g, 9g, 10g assorted).

* 10 colors assorted.

* 250 pcs per set/plastic box.

* Age grading: for 3 years and up.

* Weight and length is in direct proportion. (1cm = 1g, 2cm = 2g, 3cm = 3g,….10cm = 10g)

* Good idea for basic mathematic operations, assemble them in sequence to learn and develop addition, subtraction, counting, sorting, graphing, patterning, measuring and comparing…

* Can be used as weights to work with our Measuring beakers and Cylinders to measure

* Bars can also be operated with our double tracks rulers at the same time.

* Can play bars with Base 10 block sets to learn more concepts of math…

* Fraction bars can also be operated with our Junior Balance which will be
more interesting to learn about the concept of weight…

* Our number stick weight set included following colors:
1cm white, 2cm red, 3cm light green, 4cm purple, 5cm yellow, 6cm green,
7cm black, 8cm brown, 9cm blue, 10cm orange.

* Each of the weights is provided with spaced shallow grooves to show a
plurality of equal sections corresponding to a specific weight thereof.
The specific color, weight and shallow groove-divided sections of each
of the weights help small children to learn primary mathematical concepts,
particularly the concept of weight.

*** Your children not only learn how to count numbers, but also easily know about the concept of weight at the same time !

* Very good to sell them as teaching aid, toys, gifts and promotional purpose.