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TSEV01CL55 Infrared Thermopile Temperature Sensor Module

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2018/12/21 17:39:19

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2019/03/21 23:59:59

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Temperature Sensors

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Shenzhen Week Technology Ltd.
Contact Person: Yan Zhang
Address: 16 Floor, Building #3, Zhongke Mansion, Gaoxin South 1St Rd, Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 518067


TSEV01CL55 Thermopile sensor Module
•  Contact less Temperature Measurement
•  High Accuracy
•  Small Size
•  Wide Supply Voltage Range
•  Digital Interface Bus (I2C)
TSEV01CL55 Infrared Temperature Sensor Module DESCRIPTION
TSEV01CL55 is a contact-less temperature measuring system for OEM use based on the detection of infrared radiation.
TSEV01CL55 is equipped with an infrared sensor (Thermopile) in front. The Thermopile Sensor has to be pointed at the target object of interest.
The basic working principle is:
•  Detection of infrared radiation with a Thermopile sensor, which turns incoming radiation to an analogue voltage
•  Determination of sensor temperature using a thermistor
•  Further analogue signal processing and conditioning
•  Calculation of ambient and object temperature using a processing unit
•  Providing the ambient and objects temperature at digital output bus (I2C )
The TSEV01CL55 is suitable for a wide range of application where non-contact temperature measurement is required.
The TSEV01CL55 is equipped with a silicon lens (back focal length = 5.5mm) to narrow the field of view.
I2C pull-up resistors are provided on the sensor.
The I2C interface does not block the clock for clock-stretching.
TSEV01CL55 Infrared Temperature Sensor Module FEATURES 
•  0℃ - 300℃ Measurement Range
•  4V - 16V Supply Voltage Range
•  Up to 1.5% Accuracy
•  2mA Current Consumption
TSEV01CL55 Infrared Temperature Sensor Module APPLICATIONS
•  Contact less Temperature Measurement
•  Climate Control
•  Industrial Process Control
•  Household Applications

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