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Mathematical Kits

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2018/11/15 12:27:22

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2019/02/13 23:59:59

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Educational Toys/n.e.s.

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Sara Chen International Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: SARA CHEN
Job Title: Business Liaison
Address: New Taipei,Taiwan
State/Province: TAIPEI
Country/Region: Taiwan


S-7310 Mathematical kits

*122 pcs per set/plastic box.

* Rulers, stands and parts can be assembled to a math balance to measure weights.

* 1cm linking cubes are teaching aid weights set.

* Help children to develop number concept and learn addition, subtraction, counting, sorting, measuring, comparing...

* Covering almost 80% of mathematical proofs such as Area, Volume, Geometry, Weight, Coordinate and Distance. They can all use this kit to do various assembling and operations to proof mathematical based substantive concept.

* Ruler, angle square, 3D measuring rule, Math balance and etc...can be obtained by connecting rule units for proving almost 80% of mathematical basic concepts,
including length, area, volume, weight, 3D coordinate, and etc...

* Learn level principle and applications of Math balance.

* Boards are extendable and can be connected with each other.

* We print "9x9 Multiplication Table" on one board. So you will see the numbers from 1-100 on the board for identification and learn.

* The 3D measuring ruler is also an extendable double number tracks ruler, rulers can be connected by each other, there are double number tracks per ruler allow cubes' operation freely on the surface of rulers to learn about number concept, addition, subtraction, counting and measuring...at the same time.

* Go ahead and place cubes on boards, not only develop your children's knowledge, but also brings a lot of fun! Play and Learn at the same time.

* This kit is student's dream. Every student needs one!

* A small investment for your children's great math! !

* And Math is basic education! ! !

* Our mathematical kits including all the math you need. Contact us for more details.

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