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Mr. Clint Chai

Address: No. 16-1, Shui-Liu-Niang, Shui-Yuan Village, Miaoli County 36059, Taiwan.
Tel: 886-37-220***
Fax: 886-37-226***


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General Situation Features:
Advance ac motor truck.
Brushless, reduce service cost
With flux AC inverter.
30% battery efficiency improvement.
Hidden caster wheels, improve safety
Suitable for both open and closed pallets
Suspension drive motor allowing to use the truck on uneven surfaces.
Quiet, and safe operation.
Environmentally, friendly, durable, reliable truck.
Electric drive, electric lifting.
This truck has cold version for -35 cold storage use.
No. of Research and Development Staff 20-50
Location No. 16-1, Shui-Liu-Niang, Shui-Yuan Village Miaoli County, 360 Taiwan