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. Mr. Peng Ta Yang

Address: 30-1, Tong-Zhi Lane

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On the drying method, the application is quite universal.
To dry rice by sun, to dry coffee bean, tea, etc. Now, we
have developed an integrated drying method. Ying-Shou
Hot/Cold Circulating Drying Machine, the natural drying
technology (patented by USA, Philippines, Taiwan, China) is
re-circulating of low/high temperature-dry air which raised
from 10 C to 50 C degree, and reversed from 50 C to 10 C in
both ways. It is a drying method with dual energy functions
including expansion when air is hot and compression when it
is cold and humidity is removed. With this method, the
delicious flavor, nutrients, fiber, chlorophyll, vitamin,
enzyme, etc. can be preserved. Most importantly, it consume
only 1/10 of the energy compared with other 'hot drying
methods', and, we have the integral design.
We?ve designed the drying mechanism into the Silos in the
case of rice, we can dry the rice to 16% humidity in 7 days
and keep/store/preserve it in 10 C to 15 C in the rice
storage Silos, the size of the Silos is unlimited! From
hundreds of tons to tens of thousands tons. Welcome to
contact with us to know more!

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