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Mr. Tony Zhang

Address: 901, Zhenbei Road, Zhili Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang, China

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Since Jiaxue's establishment in 1987, we have dedicated ourselves to the R&D of multifunctional special minitype motor with gear reducer and electronic modulator in high cost effective.To lead the motor technology and to serve the customers with top quality are our sole purpose.
Presently we have YYJTYYJS and WZJT three complete series and derivative products with more than 50 specification species available for customers after about two decades' hard-working, more than one thousand speed ratios can be output by motor of AC, brushless DC , single-phase, 3-phase and about 10 voltage grades for thousands of applications. Jiaxue motors have been honored by about 4, 000 customers in domestic and overseas market.
We are proud of our innovation as we keep ourselves as initiative developer and manufacturer of the series YYJT YYJS and WZJT motor in China.Jiaxue special minitype motors have been awarded the title of National Key New Product, and are recommended by the Ministry of Machine Building to substitute the similar imported motors.With China joining WTO, we have been accelerated the pace of innovation of technology, imported more advanced producing & testing facilities , We focus on the R&D of new products and new market development.
We know that we are not the best.But We work hard to pursue the best.We commit ourselves to meet the customers' needs by the quality and reputation, that is why we can stand firmly for decades in market.
Jiaxue motor is a motor set of 2-way reversible and speed regulative in single-phase and 3-phase AC and brushless DC power models.This kind of motor set is composited with high precision gear reducer, high efficient energy-saving motor, speed metering generator, position sensor and electronic modulator.
The motor shaft is meshed with helical gear reducer, which can output the speed available from 1 to 500 rpm according to requirement. and more, the speed can be regulated steplessly with an electronic modulator with constant output torque, The brake, damping or linear reciprocating etc are optional.
The advantage superiority of Jiaxue motor is simply-structured, light, reliable and convenient with high torque output, stable speed modulation and low noise.The series of products are universal for application with gear boxes in different rpm and torque, if coupled with electronic modulator or speed metering generator or position sensor, the motors speed can be regulated steplessly.
Jiaxue minitype motors have been widely applied in industrial automation and many sectors of national economy, including industrial production processing lines, robotic facilites, medical intruments, electronic devices, finance machinery, office automatics, pringting machines, food processing machines, photographing equipment, environment protection equipment, farrming machinery, advertising equipment, physical and chemical instruments etc.
Jiaxue and our serial products have been certified to ISO9001, CE and UL, and China Great Wall Safely Certification.

Jiaxue CNC was invested hugely founded in 2004 as a Provincial High-tech enterprise and, we have designed and produced the series of Y3112CNC/YGS3610CNC/Y3120CNC CNC high efficiency hobbing machine tools, its advanced design and excellent technology makes our CNC hobbing machine tools widely popular in the circle of gear making lathes.The Skiving device(second setting of hob in hard rack), digital shift of hob has filled the technology gap in China is one of the invention patent of China P.R., with the vertical or horizontal and multi functions, our CNC hobbing machine tools have met various requirements of customers.

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