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Address: 112, Tou Nung Rd.

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Taiwan Giu Chun started up business some quarter century
ago. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds, from a
tiny knitting mill to a well diversified heavyweight player
in the field, covering a great variety of knitting and
textile machines, with widespread sales networks covering
leading international textile machine firms throughout the
world. Among others, our top prides lie on breakthroughs,
innovation, aspiring for improvement and renovation. These
factors explain the reasons why we have brilliantly taken
hold on this soil amidst the global slowdowns and amidst
heavy relocation by Taiwan's textile mills. Since Taiwan
Giu Chun was incorporated in 1971, we have spared no effort
to do heavy R & D on textile machines. Through the
incessant devotion, we have won widespread acclaim, the
stupendous achievements today and further strengthened
competitive edge. Constantly, we aspire to added "quality
improvement" and "customer satisfaction", staying one step
of the times.

We firmly believe in a brighter tomorrow only because we
hold the policy that here in the company, "the best is not
good enough". Looking ahead to the upcoming 21st century,
we will have textile closely associated with services and
information. How to break through the bottlenecks to new
highs? This is the gallant task we must accomplish.

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Export, Manufacture

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Lace and Band Crochet Machine, Fancy Yarn Crochet KnittingMachine, Wide Band & Lace Crochet Machine, Special StyleLace Crochet Machine, Cord Knitting Machine, AutomaticComputerized Crochet Knitting Machine

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Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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