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. Lisa

Address: Huaqiang Road

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Refet Optical Technology Company is a professional
manufacturer specialized in designing and exploring and
selling optical filters, Our main products are IR cut-off
filter, day night filter, Optical low pass filter(OLPF),
CDS filter, IR pass filter which are widely used on CCD,
CMOS sensors optical applications, specially Sony, Sharp,
OV video solutions.
With rich experience in this field, we have been got high
reputation from many clients from all of the world.

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Export, Manufacture

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Our Main Products Are IR Cut-off Filter, Day Nightfilter, Optical Low Pass Filter(OLPF), CDs Filter, IR Passfilter Which Are Widely Used On Ccd, CMOSs Sensors Opticalapplications, Specially Sony, Sharp, OV Video Solutions.

Import Markets

Europe, Middle East, North America, Middle and South America

Export Markets

Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Middle and South America

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