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Address: No. 498, Sec. 2, Bentian St.

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E-Ton manufactures high quality small and medium
displacement off-road and on-road vehicles. E-Ton is a
division of one of the world's most trusted manufacturers of
components for helicopters, cars, engines, motorcycles and
more. We're a Q1 partner of Ford Motor Company, so it should
come as no surprise that E-Ton offers one of the best
warranties in the business.

E-Ton America, the North American subsidiary, was recently
founded in order to better serve our U.S. dealers and
customers. E-Ton now offers the widest range of small
displacement ATV's available. The popular TXL50, TXL90, and
the new DXL90 have shed their "pen name" for their true
name, E-Ton. All support functions that were handled by the
importer will now be handled by E-Ton America.

In addition to mini-ATV's, E-Ton produces a full line of
small and medium displacement on and off road scooters and
motorcycles, which will be introduced in the U.S. in the
coming months. We shall continue to utilize our research and
development ability to further our product line.

All of our products are built with total quality in mind and
have been designed to be the best value on the market. All
models currently sold in the U.S. are DOT approved & meet
California Air Resource Board and EPA standards, and can be
viewed on this website.

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Export, Manufacture

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All Terrain Vehicles(On/Off Road), Scooters, ElectricScooters, Engine, Autoparts

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Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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