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Mr. Hill Ethan

Address: 101 25 Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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Hello,this is Mr Hill from HONGKONG WAL-KING ELECTRONIC Co.,LTD in China.
We can supply all kinds of LCD for brand-name mobile phone and PDA&GPS,
We supply LCD screen includes SHARP,CMO,TOPPOLY ,AUO ,LG, Samsung,Hydis,
Pls just feel free to contact me for the catalog,price list and further information.
TD028STEB2 TD028STEB1 LTJ035L001A(990000280) TD035STED7
TD035STEE1 TD035STEB3 TD043MTEA1 990000475 990000451
990000267 990000006
H283VL01 V1 H283VL01 V0 A030DN05 V4 A030DN05 V0 H361VL01 V4 H367VL01 V4 H430VL02 V1 H428VL01 V0 A035QN04 V1 A043FW03 V3 A043FW02 V8 A050WN01 V0 A050VW02 V0 A808SN01V.7
LMS316CC01 AMS353FD09-0 AMS369FG06-0 SGF480800MS37-02
LH350WS1-SD01 LH350H02-FD02 LH350H01-FD01 LH430WV1-SD02 LH300WV2
LS030Y3DX01 LS030B3UW01 LS029B4DN01 LQ030T5DG01 LQ030B7UB02
LS035Y8DX04A LS035Y8DX02A LS037V7DW03 LS037V7DW01
LQ038Q7DB03R LQ040Y3DX80
AT043TN24 V.7 AT043TN24 V.4 AT043TN24 V.1 AT043TN25 V.2 LR430LC9001
AT070TNA2 V.1 AT050TN43 V.1
HVA37WV1-M01 HVA37WV1-ME0 HT040QV1 HV070WS1-100 HV070WSA-100

Business Type

Export, Import, OEM/ODM, Manufacture

Main Products

Mobile Phone LCDs

Product Keyword(s)

TD035STEE1 ,td035sted7,td028steb2

Import Markets

North America, Africa, Europe, Middle and South America

Export Markets

Oceania, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Middle and South America

Competitive Advantages

New Product, Competitive Prices, OEM Accepted

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