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Mr. Mr.Michael Yang.

Address: 45 Valentino Drive

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Chongqing Great Wall Magnet Co., Ltd. is both a manufacturer and a distributor of permanent magnets. Our ferrite factory was established in the 1990s and is both a major Chinese enterprises and one of the largest producers of ferrite magnets in China.

Chongqing Great Wall Magnet Co., Ltd. is a full service magnet supplier offering:
1. Ferrite magnets-segments, rings, multi-pole rings,cylinders, and squares
2. Ferrite rubber magnets
3. Ferrite powders
4. Sintered neodymium Iron boron (NdFeB) magnets
5. Bonded neodymium Iron boron (NdFeB) magnets
6. Alnico magnets
7. Soft magnetic materials (soft ferrite, mpp core)

The company's growth has been primarily achieved by satisfying the Chinese domestic market, and also by building an international distributorship that extends far beyond the borders of China and includes customers in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Taiwan.

A commitment to providing high quality magnet with high magnetic characteristics has been a key factor in the success of our company. During the last three years we have made large investments and have improved our technologies by importing both advanced production equipment and advanced measurement and test instruments from leading manufacturers in Germany, U.S.A., and Japan. As a result of these efforts, the performance level of our major products has been maintained at the advanced level available in China, and approaches that of world levels. In addition, our high quality focused approach has resulted in our factory receiving ISO 9002 quality system certification in 1997.

Our magnet specialists plan, develop, and produce new products working in close co-operation with our customers. Our professionals and technicians have developed over 380 new products and 32 of these products have received awards from the Scientific & Technology advanced award from the Nation, ministry of Electronic industry, and Sichuan province.

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Alnico Magnets, Magnetic Materials/n.e.s., Ferrite Magnets

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Ferrite Magnet, Column Pump Linking Shaft, Bonded Magnet,Nd-Fe-B Magnet, Alnico Magnet, Rubber Magnet

Standardization Certification

ISO 9002

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