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. Mr. Tang

Address: Rm. 16, 5F, 2, Cheng Kung Rd.

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Our company was established in 1977, and manufactured
fishing and hunting glasses in the beginning. Later, we
branched out into reading glasses and fashion sunglasses.
Our staff knows the needs of the industry, which is
characterized by the frenetic rate of product turnovers.

We put our minds to the test constantly by researching the
newest materials and designs so that we can introduce more
products to customers. This also involves our mold making
team, as new mold designs have to be created each time we
make a new item. All these processes entail efficient
handling and we have streamlined them so that we come out
with designs in the quickest way possible without incurring
many expenses.

We always keep our control over production costs so that
we can offer better prices. Our future plans include
establishing delivery centers in our markets for faster
distribution of products.

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. Sport Glasses. Hunting Glasses. Fishing Glasses. Ski Classes. Reading Glasses. Fashion Sunglasses. Workplace Safety Goggles. Workplace Safety Glasses

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Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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