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Mrs. Iris Lee

Address: Kaifeng, Henan, China (Mainland)

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We, Lee’s(Iris) International Trade Corporation--Kaifeng Hongcai (Iris) Trade Co. Ltd founded in 2005 are the professional international trade company exported all series of commodities, Mineral, Raw materials, Abrasive, Chemical products, Construction materials and equipment, Refractory and insulation, Industrial supplies, Machinery and equipment, Pharmaceutical raw materials, Veterinary materials etc. We have experience to export and test, served good service and best price for worldwide market. Hope to have opportunity to cooperate and build long friendship.
Minerals and Chemicals:
Abrasive, Acrylic, Alumina Powder, Andalusite, Barium Carbonate, Barium Sulphate (Barite), Bauxite, Bentonite, Brown Fused Alumina (BFA), Calcium Hydroxide, Calcite, Chamotte, Chrome Corundum(Pink Aluminum Oxide), Cordierite, Cryolite(Synthetic), Corundum (WFA), Copper Sulphate, Dolomite, Feldspar, Flint Clay, Fluorspar, Garnet, Graphite(Flake/Spherical/Amophous), Grammite (wollastonite), Kaolin, Magnesia (Dead-burned, Light-burned, High Purity 99.5%), Mica, Mullite(Fused&Sintered), Perlite, Pumice, Quartz(Silica Sand), Rutile(Titanium Dioxide), Silicon Carbite (Black&Green), Sillimanite, Spinel(Fused&Sintered), Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), Sulphur, Talc, Vermiculite, Grinding Products, Water Treatment Chemicals, All raw materials etc.
Insulation and Building Materials:
All Insulation Tape, Aluminum silicate products(blanket/paper/board), Calcium Silicate products (board/liner/shell), Coating, Cement, Ceramic tiles, EPS(Expanded polystyrene board), Expanded Perlite products(raw material/board/shell), Fiber cement products (board/roof/ridge capping), Glass wool products(blanket/board/pipe), Glass fiber products, Magnesium oxide board, PEF products (Polythene foam blanket/board/pipe), Plaster board, Phenolic resin products (Phenolic foam sandwich board), Polyurethane products (board/shell/sandwich board), Paint, Plywood, Plaster board, Rock wool products(blanket/board/pipe), Rubber plastic products (blanket/board/pipe), Vermiculite products(brick/block/board), Structural metal (sheet/bar/board), XPS (Extrusion polystyrene board), etc.
Refractory Materials:
Shaped Refractory material: Ceramic Fiber Paper(Felt/Board), All Series of Bricks(Clay brick, High Alumina brick, Silica brick, Fused AZS, Insulating brick, MgO-C brick, Al2O3-MgO-C brick, Spinel brick, MgO-CaO-C brick etc), Series of Sliding Nozzle System(Nozzles, Sliding Plates, Well Blocks), Series of Thermal Insulating Boards, Prefabricating Blocks, Burner Blocks, Porous Plugs, Kiln Furniture, Every Size and Material of Shaped Refractory Materials.
Unshaped refractory material: Series of Cement, Series of Castable, Series of Plastic Refractory Material, Series of Ramming Mix, Series of Gunning Mix, Series of Slinger Mix, Series of Coating Mix, Series of DVM(Dry Vibrating Mix), Series of Mortar, Series of Repairing Mix, Series of Penetration-resistant Mix, Tap Hole Mass, Desulphurizer, Desoxidizer, Covering Powder for Ladle&Tundish.
Industrial Furnaces and Related Products: Design, Installation and Adjustment for all Series of Industrial Furnaces.
Please contact us for specification and final price.

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Construction Materials/n.e.s., Metallurgy & Mineral Processing Services, Chemical Additives & Auxiliaries/n.e.s.

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