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Mr. jin long yue

Address: Zhu Feng Road, Shanghai No. 9295

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Shanghai Yun Chang Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the company is committed to the wholesale disaster emergency area, agency business, selling all kinds of disaster response products and equipment, mainly for the different needs of the family emergency kits, car emergency kit, travel emergency kits, Fire emergency kit, school emergency kits, office emergency kits, emergency kits hotels, earthquake emergency kit, earthquake emergency kit, disaster emergency kit, emergency survival bag, emergency kits, emergency escape packs, emergency survival packs, flood emergency bag, life buoy, life jackets, tents and other relief. We are committed to security, emergency rescue, personal protection high-tech product development, production and sales. Companies rely on close military technology, military medical technology, national disaster prevention and mitigation and other countries to prevent technology research department. High-tech companies with the extensive cooperation and develop first-aid kit, has been preparing for family first aid kit, a series of self-help families prepare the rescue tools, our mission is to ensure that families and enterprises and employment agencies. Of products and services, including fire emergency packs, disaster prevention and emergency kits, escape rope - tents, earthquake emergency kit, car emergency kits, emergency kits, escape rope, tents, etc., please consult to discuss!

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Export, OEM/ODM

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Timing Components & Kits, Automotive Repair Tools & Kits/n.e.s., Cars

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Emergency Pack,Earthquake emergency kit

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