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. Mr. Ming Chin Wang

Address: 6, Alley 26, Lane 194, Chang An St.

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For 10 years, we have been proficient in the layout of
electronic equipment to save workforce and reduce PCBs from
being scratched. The high quality service backed up from an
expert in the field is dedicated to helping manufacturers
target optimal performance. The modern clean rooms adopt
stainless steel and aluminum frame in support of the
working tables. Currently, B.G.A. darkened/printed soft
board frame is designed with four-sided slot to reduce only
few percentages of wasters. Another disadvantage comes in
the one-by-one piles of PCBs in quality inspection &
maintenance flow. The way of pile may scratch the boards
easily. The proven way-out is to switch to slant carts and
flow carts. Yet, most small-to-medium factories fail to
adopt and upgrade the manufacturing quality.
Our China factory upon your request orders to Taiwan,
Shipment from China from the middle of March. Business
Item: Aluminum frame racks, PCB racks, PCB A.C.A carts, L.
racks, storage racks, hydraulic carts, L. inspection,
S.M.T. IC disc cabinets, single A cards, and so on.

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Conveyor Equip, PP Working Tables, Universal Ball Tables,Stainless Steel Light Tables, Teflon Photograph RecordRacks, PCB Racks, Net Wash Light Tables, Feeder Racks,Hydraulic Elevator Tables, W/L-Racks, BGA Soft Board Racks,Net-wash Tables, Soldering Carts, Inspection Racks,Printer-side Working Tables, Single/Double-A Types Carts,L-Racks of Many Brands

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