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China (mainland)

We have got a good image and remark from our customers and peers by strictly keeping promise and fulfilling contracts. Offered at the most compe...



Pandora Electronic is a whole seller of home, and office electronic. We sell some product electronic, like: . Plasma TV and LCD . Cell phone and...


China (mainland)

Valsource Electronic Co., Ltd strategically located in Shenzhen, China's pivotal center for consumer electronics, We can provide a number of pro...


Hong Kong (SAR)

Hwas was established in 2008, the cooperator of Firstly Communication Co., Ltd., which both major in cell phone business and other fashioned and...


China (mainland)

One of leading exporter of mobile phones located in Shenzhen,China.


China (mainland)

Marco International Tech are Mainly export all kinds of mobile phones,included CDMA mobile phone,GSM mobile phone,TV mobile phone,WIFI cell phon...

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Easygets Trading Ltd


- TB 14449 Lot F26 1ST Floor Eastern Plaza Tawau Sabah 91000 Malaysia


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