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Photoscience ultraviolet lamps

Product Category UV Bulbs & Tubes
Country of Origin China (mainland)
Sales Method Export, Manufacture
Violation Report

Product Specifications / Features

PhotoScience UV Lamp P/N: 25437026 for System AY-10
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 25437131 for System AY-3
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 25437133 for System AY-4
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 65H-19W for System AZ-5 SD-10
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 18537133 for System AY-6
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 18537134 for System AY-6
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 18537132 for System AY-7
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 18537026 for System AY-9
Photoscience UV Lamp P/N: 18537027 for System AY-9
Photoscience Japan S990W-F UV Lamp
Photoscience Japan P/N7990W-S UV Lamp

P/N:7030WS P/N:65H-19W (AZ-5) P/N:7330WS
P/N:7990WS P/N:65H-19W(AZ-5) P/N:25437028(AY-10)
P/N:25437131(AY-3) P/N: 18537133(AY-6) P/N:
18537132(AY-7) P/N: 18537026(AY-9)
P/N: 18537134(AY-5) P/N: 65HC P/N: 18537190EX P/N:7330WS

Competitive Advantages

Well and High Quality Control ,
Competitive Prices