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Precious Metal Tester

Product Category Jewelry Tools
Model/Item No. MH-300K
Brand matsuhaku
Min. Order 6
Country of Origin Taichung , TAIWAN , Taiwan
Product Packing Way carton
Payment Term T/T
Sales Method Manufacture
Violation Report

Product Specifications / Features

Suitable for:
Jewelry industry, gold and precious metals research lab,
jewelry shop, bank, pawn shops

Technical data:
Most gold is the alloy of silver and copper excepting 24K
(pure gold). For example, 18K gold includes 18/24 (75%)
gold and 6/24 (25%) copper, or silver & copper or silver.
Therefore 18K gold products have different densities
according to their different ratios. MH-300K can test the
karat and density of gold, but can not distinguish the
content of alloy. Thus gold karat should be divided into
three typical alloy samples: gold-copper alloy,
gold-silver-copper alloy, gold-silver alloy. Generally
speaking, gold-copper alloy looks reddish, gold-silver
alloy looks bluish and gold-silver-copper alloy looks
MH-300K can show the gold karat and density directly by
testing the gold-silver-copper alloy.
And according to the market demand, by adopting the special
design of software, the machine will show
「HI」 when the
gold karat is higher than 24K

Competitive Advantages

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Prompt Delivery ,
New Product ,
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