Hung You Industrial Co., Ltd. (Eng Dan)

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  • Country/Region: Taiwan
  • City: Tainan
  • Contact Person: Mr. C. T. Wang
  • Tel: 886-6-5930090
  • Fax: 886-6-5933923

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Eng Dan Industrial Co., Ltd started off as a mold designing company back in 1985. The company went into manufacturing of acrylic diamonds/rhinestones 2 years later. With 23 years of rich experience backing us, we are able to do full production in-house. This ensures that no additional transport and outwork costs are passed over to our customers. Due to our strict standards and stringent quality control, we are proud to say that we are able to produce high quality products with a high degree of clarity and shine. We strive to constantly create new designs to stimulate the market. Our greatest record was coming up with 5 new designs in a ... [Click for detail]

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Contact Info

Company Name Hung You Industrial Co., Ltd. (Eng Dan)
Place of Origin Taiwan
City Tainan
Address 31-3, Liu-Cha Village, Anding District
Tel 886-6-5930090
Fax 886-6-5933923
Zip/Post Code 745
Contact Person Mr. C. T. Wang

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