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Trade Leads

ttnet.net Trade Leads is a public business posting platform, include following types of information: buy, sell, agent, and cooperation. You can get more profits and expand your online business efficiently.

Match Center

Match suppliers correctly
Buyers to fill the Buying Request form.
ttnet.net will matching right suppliers to buyers.
ttnet.net also will sent the buying request to quality suppliers.
Wait for supplier's quotation.

ttnet eCatalog

ttnet eCatalog, fast trading assistant to find more trade opportunities.
ttnet eCatalog is a powerful promoting and purchasing mobile Apps. One user ID could promote at dual-platforms. Connecting ttnet.net B2B website with mobile Apps, be sourcing and trading to global market at anytime, anywhere.
  • One user ID to access at PC and mobile Apps.
  • Create unique e-catalog with exquisite module by phone's camera.
  • Covers 43 categories and the latest detailed products.

Trade Show

ttnet.net collect typical trade show information all over the world, help you catch the global business opportunities and develop your international perspective.

Trade Tools

ttnet.net provides you with multiple trade tools, such as "Address Book", "Match Center", "Operationg Manual" etc. Trade tools will be your useful assistant.

Favorite Suppliers

You could add your interested suppliers in your favorite list, it's convenient for contact them through ttnet.net anytime anywhere.