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Q: How could I join ttnet.net?
A: By following the instructions below, you can join free membership at ttnet
Step 1: Click "Join Free"
Step 2: "Create Account" Set up your account ID, password and email address.
Step 3: "Add Your Information" Fill in company information and submit. ttnet.net will send a confirmation email to your mailbox. Please select your identity, supplier, buyer or both.
Step 4: "Verify Your Email" Activate your account by clicking the link containing in the confirmation email within 7 days.
Step 5: After you activate the verification link, ttnet.net will send you an e-mail to inform you the registration is done. You may enjoy ttnet.net.

1. Verification link will expire after 7 days.
2. If you did not verify your email within 30 days, you will have to register over again

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