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Q: How can I edit the keyword?

Please select keywords from buyers' viewpoint, and you can select the synonyms, extending words, related words, brand names, and etc. to enhance search results. It affects the keywords search, SEO to your marketing website. Keyword structure is recommended like modified terms + main keyword. EX: Summer T Shirts, Cotton T Shirts, Printed T Shirts, Wholesale T Shirts.

High quality keyword example
*Ballpoint Pens:Novelty Ballpoint Pens, Promotional Ballpoint Pens, Metal Ballpoint Pens, Doll Ballpoint Pens
*Bearings:Plastic Bearings, Precision Bearings, Stainless Steel Bearings, Packing Machine Bearing, Ceramics Bearing
*Shopping BagNon-woven Shopping Bag, Foldable Shopping Bag, Promotional Shopping Bags, Reusable Shopping Bags, Cotton Shopping Bags
*Window Handles:Aluminum Alloy Window Handles, U Shape Window Handles, Waterproof Window Handles, Copper Window Handles, Crystal Engraving Window Handles
*Hats:Embroidery Sport Hats, Folding Hats, 100% Organic Cotton Baby Hats, Winter Knitted Hats, Summer UV Cut Hats

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