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Q: How can I edit the product name?

Product Name is the first impression for buyers. So the quality of the product name not only basically determines if the buyers continue to watch your product information, but also affects the keywords search, SEO to your marketing website. Quality product name mainly contains these elements: Brand, Model, Official Name, Industry Parameters, selling features and modified terms. The product name is limited to 140 characters. Ex: 2015 Summer Juli Cotton Printed T-Shirts Wholesale.

Notice: Do not use the special symbols, and repeated keywords. If the description is not related to the products, it will be considered cheating and even cause the product to be searched descending or prohibited.

The product name should include brand + Model/Item Number + product name + element + product specifications + modifier.

*Do not edit special symbol.
Example: ★★▂▃▄▅▆**Cotton Printed T Shirts**▇▆▅▄▃▂★★
*Do not edit too many keywords.
Example: Summer T Shirts, Cotton T Shirts, Printed T Shirts, Wholesale T Shirts
*Do not edit matterless introduction in the product name.
Example: Supply Printed T Shirts 2020 Olympic.

High quality product name example
*2015 G-Li Summer Printed T-Shirts with breathable and soft fabric.
*Wholesales 0.38 Ballpoint Pens with touch pen and custom logo.
*Modern Design SSK-010 Wood Kitchen Cabinet in Open Double Door Type, using MDF import from Malaysia.
*Z-31-32 Suction DC12V Rotary Warning Lights with Switches.
*Three-layer Folding colorful 30*30 PVC Storage Boxes for Home use.

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