Date: 2019/06/13-2019/06/15
Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
Booth No.: Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair


Exhibiting Scope1.Steel smelting skill and technology, stainless steel manufacturer; 2.Plate; 3.Strip and steel band ;4.Wire rod, stainless steel wire rod ;5.Steel mesh ;6.Board cutting equipment bending and punching equipment ;7.Bar and wire rod mill ,bar rolling automation measure and technology; 8.Machinery for metal processing, metallurgic saw piece and sorts of cutting tool; 9.Cooling fluid and oil for metal processing; 10.Set of welding apparatus ;11.Metallurgic automation apparatus,

Show Information:

Schedule and Venue
Show time: 13-15 June, 2019
Move-in: 11-12 June, 2019
Move-out: 1pm, 15 June, 2019
Venue: Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex
(No.980,Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China)
New Attractions
1. A special promotion work group is working on publishing information of the expo through telphone, fax, mobile, email, post, industry magazine, website, newspaper and TV. More than 300,000 invitations and 1,000,000 tickets will be distributed directly to the potential buyers of corresponding industries( hardware, machinery, automobile, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, electric power, food, electronic, steel, valves, home appliances, furniture, medical treatment, packaging, paper making, metallurgy) around the world.
2. Promotion ads through professional media: Steel Guru, Steel & Metallurgical, Japan Metal Daily, Intras Publication, Steel Times International, Ore and Metals, The Ukrainian Metal Journal, Metal Finishing News, Japan Metal Bulletin, Metal Bulletin, Metal Expert,, etc.
Exhibiting Scope
1. Steel smelting skill and technology, aluminum, copper manufacturer, stainless steel manufacturer.
2. Plate (color steel plate ,galvanization plate, coat plate, sheet metal , medium thickness plate, shape sheet metal ,railing-protection board, sorts of color steel tile )
3. Strip and steel band ,type and H-type steel, bar and alloy steel , special steel, kinds of mould steel;
4. Wire rod, stainless steel wire rod, spring wire rod , screw wire rod and other steel wire ;
5. Steel mesh (steel plate mesh , mesh reinforcement welding, delivery mesh, punching mesh ,railing-protection mesh and steel mesh moulding equipment;
6. Board cutting equipment (crosscut , slitting machine), bending and punching equipment; plate hot rolling, cold rolling, cold bending, rolled forming equipment;
7. Bar and wire rod mill ,bar rolling automation measure and technology; drawing machine, wire draw bench ,roller, metallurgic bearing, coupling, gear box and processing equipments;
8. Machinery for metal processing, testing machine for metal materials, metal circular saw machine, beveller, abrading and polishing equipment, metallurgic saw piece and sorts of cutting tool;
9. Cooling fluid and oil for metal processing, lubricating materials , anti-rust materials , surface treatment raw material and equipment; detector of defects ,metallurgic packing machine, winding equipment, weighting apparatus, metal mark-printing machine;
10. Set of welding apparatus , welding material , testing apparatus of welding line;
11. Metallurgic automation apparatus, metallurgic transportation equipment, equipment for metal recycle .
Exhibition Charges
Brand Hall (minimum area of 36sqms): 380 USD/sqm raw space rent + 5 USD/sqm construction management fees
Standard Booth: USD3800/booth (9sqms)
Included Basic Fittings: booth boarding, fascia board with company name, one table, two chairs, carpet, garbage can, two daylight lamps, air condition
Product Release Conference & Technical Seminar: 1000 USD/section (60mins)
The official journal is perfectly printed with art papers(140mm×210mm)and distributed to exhibitors and visitors. Enterprises are welcomed to make advertisement in our journal or by other ways.
The details see as follows:
Cover: USD12000 Admission ticket:
USD2500/10000pcs Inside front/back cover: USD5000
Back cover/marked page: USD6000 Color page: USD3000 Press kit:USD5000/5000pcs
Procedures of Participation
1. Post or fax the filled & stamped application to us.
2. Participation fee should be transferred into our company account & swift receipt should be fax to us within one week after receiving the stand confirmation.
3. The contract will officially become effective after receiving participation fee. The booth can not be subleased or loaned to any third party for any reason.
4. The location of booth will be allotted according to application date and size.


  • Company name : Guangzhou Julang Exhibition Design Co., Ltd.
  • Event Date : 2019/06/13-2019/06/15
  • Hours : 8 hours
  • Booth No. : Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair
  • Address : Ground Floor, C Area, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (No.380,YueJiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China)
  • Contact Person : MeiWen Ms.
  • Tel : 086-02-38620792
  • Fax : 086-02-38620781
  • Email :