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  • The 13th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

    2014/10/23 - 2014/10/26

    - Whole Vehicle - Motorcycle Accessories and Parts - Motorcycle Related Products - General Fuel Motors - Maintenance Products

    China (mainland)
  • Mega Show Part 2

    2014/10/27 - 2014/10/29

    Mega Show Part 2, this well-edited All Asian Sourcing Show follows on by opening four days later than MEGA SHOW Part 1, providing buyers with a second opportunity to view a further selection of products to complete the Hong Kong buying calendar.

    Hong Kong (SAR)
  • Worldfood Ukraine 2014

    2014/10/28 - 2014/10/30

    In WorldFood Ukraine 2013 more than 250 exhibitors presented the following directions: • Fruits and vegetables – 25 companies • Meat – 15 companies • Fish and Seafood -10 companies • Grocery – 20 companies • Wine and drinks – 20 companies • Tea and coffee – 15 companies • Milk and cheese – 10 companies • Confectionery and bakery products – 18 companies • Ingredients – 17 companies • Equipment and packaging – 20 companies • Domestic producers – 45 companies

  • Plastex Ukraine 2014

    2014/10/28 - 2014/10/30

    Machinery and equipment for plastic and caoutchouc(rubber) producing, Equipment for preprocessing of materials, Equipment for foam plastic production, Raw materials and accessory materials, Semi-finished products and complete products, Equipment for utilization of waste

  • KOSIGN Korea International Sign and Design Show 2014

    2014/11/05 - 2014/11/08

    Digital Printing, Digital Signage, Post-Processing & Equipment, Media & Ink, Digital Input & Design, LED, Lightings, 3D Printer, 3D Printing Materials & Parts, 3D Scanner, Software, Prototype for Research & Education, Applied Field of 3D Printing, etc.

    South Korea
  • Food Week Korea 2014

    2014/11/12 - 2014/11/15

    Cultivated Food Products, Prepared Food Products, Health Food, Traditional Food, Organic Food, Health Supplements, Health Drinks, Beverages, Bakery, Food Preparation Machinery, Food Processing Machinery, Food Packaging Machinery, Kitchen Utensils, Ingredients & Services, etc.

    South Korea
  • CIMAMotor-The 13th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition

    2014/11/14 - 2014/11/17

    Whole Vehicles: Motorcycles, tricycles, ATVs, snow scooters, mopeds, electric motorcycles, gas vehicles, special vehicles, etc. Motorcycle Accessories and Parts: Motor engines, vehicle frames, clutches, brakes, shock absorbers, electrical equipment, tyres, wheels rims, spare parts, etc. - Motorcycle Related Products: Clothing, helmets, equipment and accessories for motorcycle outdoor activities, models, ornaments, refitting accessories, motorcycle tour operators, etc.

    China (mainland)
  • 2014 China Zhejiang Import Goods Expo

    2014/11/21 - 2014/11/24

    Imported household products: bedroom products, household appliances, kitchenware & bathroom items, etc. Imported creative & fashionable products: artworks, fashionable products, jewelry, watches, digital product etc. Imported healthy young and old products: health products, medical and health care products, old and kids’ daily products, outdoor leisure supply, fitness equipment and sleeping products, etc. Imported food and agricultural products: snacks, prepared drinks, wine, beverage.

    China (mainland)
  • China International TouchScreen Exhibition (C-TOUCH)

    2014/11/27 - 2014/11/29

    1.Capacitive touchscreen,Resistive Infrared Touchscreen,Optical ,In-cell ,On-cell ,OGS 2.TP Sensor, IC,Transparent Conducting Film& Glass,OCA, OCR ,Plastic/ Glass Cover lens,Screen printing mask / mesh,Photoresist& Echant,Silver Paste/Ink,Solder Mask Ink,Detergent Chemical 3.Coating & Deposition Equipment,Dry Lithography ,Exposure Systems,Oven/ UV curing ,Laminating/Attachting Equipment,Glass Cutting& Processing Equipment,Screen Printing Machine/ Inkjet,Etching Machine,Borad Inspection System/

    China (mainland)
  • The 12th Shanghai Thermal Insulation Material Expo. 2014

    2014/12/04 - 2014/12/06

    Inorganic insulating material: rock (mineral) wool board, rock (mineral) cotton blanket, glass wool board (felt), the heat preservation mortar, aerogel etc. Foaming insulation material: foaming cement (foam concrete), foaming machine etc. Gypsum building materials: drywall and products, gypsum insulation board etc. Organic insulating materials: phenolic foam material, polyurethane rigid foam insulation materials etc. Thermal insulation and decoration integrated products Equipment exhibition area

    China (mainland)