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Single Arm Drop Impact Test Machine With Steel Plate

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2018/05/31 09:33:59

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2018/08/29 23:59:59

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Industrial Product & Equipment Stock

Company Info

ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Joanna
Job Title: Export Manager
Address: Jinhui Industrial Area, Lixin Town, Nancheng
State/Province: GUANGDONG
Country/Region: China (mainland)


Single Arm Drop Impact Test Machine with Steel Plate

Technical Parameters: 

 Model   AS-DT-120   AS-DT-150   AS-DT-200 
 Max. Weight of Test Samples  (Kg)   ≥200 60 60
 Height of Drop (mm)   0~1200  300~1500   300~2000 
 Max. Dimension of Test Sample WxHxD  (mm)   1200x1200x1200   1000x800x1000   1000x800x1000 
   Falling Floor Size WxHxD  (mm)   1400x50x2000   1700x50x1200   1700x50x1200 
Drop Method   Face, edge, angle 
Test Bench External  Dimension  WxHxD  (mm)   1400x2000x1800   1700x2700x1200   1700x2700x1200 
 Weight  (Kg)   1500   600   700 
 Power   AC 380V 

Drop Test Machine Pictures:

Single Arm Drop Impact Test Machine with Steel Plate is applied to assess the package in the actual transportation, loading and unloading process by dropping the degree of impact, impact-resistant strength and evaluate the reasonable of packaging design.   
Single Arm Drop Impact Test Machine with Steel Plate Feature:
1. The main axle of tester used dual axle rode, high precision and good stability. Power failure safety design, it will be kept the original condition under power cut and the swing arm will not break away unusually.
2. The tester has set limits upward and down, will not exceed safety range when testing.
3. Support arm with electronic reset capability, can avoid the accident by manual operation.
4. Multi-functional sample supporter: Can rapidly fix the different size package to test the package edges, sides and corners.
5. Micro adjusting control, can rapidly set to the needed testing height.

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