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Oilfield Well Drilling Rig Mat Strong Carrying Capacity Composite Foundation

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2019/11/25 15:59:47

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2020/02/23 23:59:59

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Mining Machines

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Puyang Star Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Lillian Zhao
Job Title: Business Manager
Address: Room 1108,Block B,Hengfeng Central Plaza,Hualong District
State/Province: HENAN
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 457000


duct Introduction

Composite Foundation is processed into 4mX0.24mX0.17m and 3mX0.24mX0.17m square wood with larch wood with hardwood and hard water resistance. Then, according to the national standard GB9221-88 of railway sleeper wood anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment is carried out.  The oil immersion depth is greater than 10 mm, and the horizontal compressive strength limit of the horizontal stripes is greater than 40 kg/cm2. All steels are made of standard steel.

The product is used in various types of drilling rigs with drilling depths of 1000-7000m in different areas such as plains, hills, deserts, plateaus, beaches, and swamps.Oil drilling equipment steel and wood foundation is designed to reduce drilling costs. Because the composite foundation has the advantages of light weight, convenient lifting, good transportation, and easy installation, it reduces the labor intensity of workers, reduces the number of transport vehicles, and shortens the running time of the crane. Thereby, the installation aging and installation level are further improved, and the production cost is greatly saved, and the economic benefit is improved.

Composite Foundation Technical Parameters
Model Dimensions Weight
SDGM8X40X6 12192x2440x160 5500
SDGM8X30X6 9144x2440x160 4120
SDGM8X25X6 7620x2440x160 3530
SDGM8X15X6 4572x2440x160 1980
Specifications can be customized
Product Application:

Composite foundation is mainly used for the equipment foundation of various drilling wells such as derrick base, mud pump, purification tank, power generation room, SRC room, oil tank and water tank to ensure the stability of drilling equipment for a long time. The steel-wood base is easy to install, quick and durable, and has a long service life.


Composite Foundation frame of various specifications produced by our factory is mainly welded by H-shaped steel. It is embedded with high-quality larch or eucalyptus pine wood. It is treated with anti-corrosion treatment and clamped by M39 long stud. According to customer requirements. Select the material.



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