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Kbm-300 Large Capacity Dry Ice Pelletizer Making Machine

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2018/09/29 15:52:05

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2018/12/28 23:59:59

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Machinery Stock

Company Info

Ziyang Sida Cryogenic Machine Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Jia Wei
Address: No.320 Waihuan Road, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, China
State/Province: SICHUAN
Country/Region: China (mainland)
Zip/Post Code: 641300


SIDA Factory KBM-300 automatic hydraulic dry ice pellets making machine, dry ice pelletizer, dry ice making machine, dry ice maker, dry ice machine, dry ice granular making machine, dry ice grain making machine, dry ice particle making machine, dry ice rice making machine.
Technical Parameters:
Model no.:  KBM-300 dry ice pelletizer
Raw material:  liquid CO2 cryogenic tank (water content less than 60ppm)
Size of dry ice pellets:  Ø3mm, Ø18mm
Output of dry ice making machine:  270~300kg/h
Density  of dry ice:  >1500 kg/m3   
Conversion rate of dry ice:  40% (100kg CO2 can produce 40kg dry ice)
Motor power:  11kw, 3phase 380V 50Hz
Run:  hydraulic
Volume of hydraulic oil tank:  180L
Size (L*W*H):  1250*900*1670 mm, oil cylinder holds out 700mm
Total weight:  1300 kg
Remarks:  This product is suitable for users who sell less than 3000kg dry ice per day.
Main configurations of our dry ice machine:
1.CPU and electrical equipment components are used from Korea.
2. Hydraulic pump is used plunger type variable oil pump from Taiwan.
3. Oil pump motor is used Qunce motor from Taiwan  .
4. Hydraulic valve is used Yuken product from Japan.
5. Raw material control valve adopts foreign brand.
1. Vertical type design, only 1/2 land occupation than other same products.
2. Full automatic CPU control system and advanced hydraulic system design with imported components used, more reliable.
3. Vertical design for dry ice generator and extruder, no gravity frictional wear than other horizontal design, the seal and piston lifetime are greatly extended too.
4. Equipped dry ice yield increasing device to reduce CO2 waste.
5. Patented recycle technology of waste CO2 gas to cool hydraulic oil tank to maintain best working temperature at 40~500C, enable the components lifetime are longer and the tank volume is small, only 180L, while 300L for other same products.
6. Special design can still keep good running when the liquid CO2 water content is high.
7. Different size pellets can be produced by changing extruder mould.
8. The power is only 11kw, while 18.5kw for other same products.
Application of dry ice pelletizer:
1. Used for produce high density dry ice pellets 3mm for dry ice blasting cleaning.          
2. Also used for produce larger dry ice particles for cooling purpose.
3. The dry ice grains are widely used for tyre production enterprises, precision casting, printing, engine maintenance and other enterprises as the raw material of dry ice jet cleaning; refrigerated transportation and  catering entertainment industry to do fog and cloud effect.
Production Steps:
1.Air company
2. Liquid CO2  cryogenic tank
3. Dry ice pelleting machine
4. Dry ice storage box

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