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. Ms. Amely Hu

Address: Room 2204, No. 1 of No.1 Building, No.1 Side Street, Xibei B

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SanHerb is an innovative company dedicated to provide high
quality ingredients to food, and cosmetic industry. Our
mission is to support the purest and safest plant extracts
guaranteed from material to products.

As a leading plant extract company, SanHerb has exhibited
her own value and commitment from supplier to customer
throughout the whole world.

Business Type

Export, Manufacture

Product Keyword(s)

Main Product5-HTP ? 98%α-Mangostin ? 10%,30%,90%Mangosteen Polyphenol ? 30%Soapnut Saponins ? 50%,65%Olive leaf P.E.- Oleuropein ? 20%,35%,40%Olive leaf P.E.- Hydroxytyrosol -2.5%,10%,20%Punicalagin - 40%Rubus Suabissimus P.E.- Polyphenol-50%,65%,70%Engelhardia Leaf P.E ?Astilbin-20%,50%,70%Garlic P.E- Allicin-1%,1.5%,2%Garlic P.E -Alliin-3%,5%Yohimbe P.E. 8%,98%Green coffee bean P.E.- Chologenic acid-10%,20%,98%Passion Flower P.E

Export Markets

Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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