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Yongfang Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd. is established in
2003, which is a professional aroma chemical manufacturer.
Our company is located in Fujian Province, China. Our high
and superb products are widely used as raw material in
fragrance industry. As an experienced enterprise in export,
we are looking forward to the great cooperation with you
from all over the world in producing and dealing in aroma

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Phenylacetaldehyde, PhenylacetaldehydeDimethylacetal, Myrac Aldehyde, Hyacinthol,1-Ethoxy-1-Phenyloxy-Ethane,1-Ethoxy-1-Linaloxy-Oxy-Ethane, Palmanitrile, Rosamusk,3-Dimethyl Cyclohexylmethyl Ketone, Iritone, Ligustral,Trifernal

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Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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