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Mr. Nick Hsu

Address: No. 91, Sec. 1, Guangfu Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Eching Industrial Co., Ltd.
has 40 years of professional experience in manufacturing plastic vacuum forming plant
All kinds of plastic vacuum forming, pressure forming plastic, vacuum plastic products, plastic vacuum forming thickCheng B Barbara molding factory, vacuum forming slabs bearing acetate, acetic Cheng plastic products, acetate true pressure molding Our professional mold design → → → molding packaging always work, and the introduction of the latest Japanese
3D5S. CNC. PROCESS vacuum forming / air pressure molding machine technology, welcome contact with the industry!
Vacuum forming plastic slab, shell machinery, transportation equipment, sports equipment housing,
Health care equipment, car modification parts, motorcycle modified parts, vacuum forming,
Vacuum forming products, plastic vacuum forming, pressure forming plastic, plastic products,
Extrusion molding products, vacuum molding factory, vacuum forming supplier, pressure forming,
Spare tire cover, roof storage compartment, plastic tub, the former automobile bumper,
Angled mirror base vacuum forming, vacuum forming disk mud, shampoo tank vacuum forming,
Spare tire cover vacuum molding, vacuum forming shell scooter, scooters housing vacuum forming,
Bus back vacuum forming, light boxes, light vacuum forming, vacuum forming plastic slab,
Angled mirror base plastic products, plastic products clay dish, shampoo trough plastic products,
Spare tire cover plastic, plastic shell scooter, scooters shell plastic products,
Bus back plastic products, light boxes, light plastic products, plastic products, plastic slabs,
Acrylic bathtub plastic products, plastic products acrylic shower screen,
Plastic spare tire cover, roof storage compartment plastic products,
Model ice cream plastic products, plastic products, auto front bezel,
Scooter - Golf cars plastic products, plastic front and rear bumpers
Tour with a bar of plastic products, plastic products automotive interior panels,
Electric cars car shell plastic products, electric scooter car shell plastic products,
Fruit plate plastic shell game, shell TV, TV plastic cover,
Round lampshade plastic products, plastic vacuum forming, plastic sheet & plastic plates
Acrylic bathtub vacuum molding, vacuum forming acrylic shower screen,
Spare tire cover vacuum molding, vacuum forming the roof storage compartment,
Ice cream model vacuum molding, vacuum forming automobile front bezel,
Scooter - Golf cars vacuum molding, vacuum forming front and rear bumpers
Tour with a bar vacuum molding, vacuum forming automotive interior panels,
Vacuum forming shell electric trucks, electric scooter car shell vacuum forming,
Fruit plate vacuum forming shell game, shell TV, TV cover vacuum forming,
Round lampshade vacuum molding, vacuum forming plastic, plastic sheet & plastic plates
5D. CNC. PROCESS, vacuum forming machine, rotary vacuum forming machine,

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Export, OEM/ODM, Manufacture

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Plastic Vacuum Forming Machines, Plastic Injection & Extrusion Forming Products, High Frequency Plastic Products

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Well and High Quality Control, Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome, Small Order Acceptable, ODM Accepted

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