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Our cored concept:
a. Innovation--keep at least 70% of products are innovative
in the world, not just me too
b. Integration--invent, create, innovate things until
c. Satisfaction--customer oriented dimension is our
complete quality philosophy
d. Speed--be the first to the market in cheapest price

Company Profile:
Winstream Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company in
the IT (Information Technology) electronic market. We aimed
at establishing long-term relationship with business
partners by designing attractive, innovative and
user-friendly products. Leading you to modern life with the
latest technology for daily applications is our goal.

Why us:
Other innovations such as: (All patented)
1. Stackable card reader
2. Refrigerator recorder
3. Door recorder
4. Light-bulb MP3 player and camera system
5. Music greeting card
6. Ear-type MP3 player with blue-tooth
7. RFID door lock audio/video system
8. Kara OK MP3 player w/wireless mic.
9. Cassette MP3 player
10. MP3 w/FM broadcasting
11. Decoration recording heart shape stick
12. Gift MP3 recorder
13. Innovative recording greeting card

Just try us, and we will win your long-term trust and
partnership in return.

Business Type

Export, Import, Manufacture, OEM/ODM

Product Keyword(s)

Developing Audio, Video, and Relative Peripherals: MP3Player, MPEG4 Player, Pen Drive, Blue-tooth Earphoneand Storage Solutions

Import Markets

Europe, Asia, North America

Export Markets

Africa, Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America, Oceania, Middle and South America

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